What could be wrong if you are eight weeks pregnant and losing weight?

Answer Answer Probably nothing. Many women do not gain weight, and may even lose it in the first trimester. Blame nausea and tiredness.

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37 weeks pregnant and measuring 34 weeks what could be wrong?

The one piece of advice I can give you is please stop worrying! Easier said done, I know. We worry-warts could conjure up all kinds of disasters, but rest assured many do not happen!I was the same ... Read More »

What could be wrong if you have diarrhea nausea and a brown discharge for a couple of weeks when you are 10 weeks pregnant?

Answer You most likely are having issues with first trimester pregnancy FUN! :) I would call your OB just to be on the safe side because you need your mind at rest. Intercourse can cause spottin... Read More »

Is it normal to not be showing at eight weeks or is something wrong with you if you have not gained any weight?

Answer I would have to say no. I was five months along and was barely showing. If this is your first pregnancy you usually will not show right away. My sister is on her fifth child is four months a... Read More »

What could be wrong if you are 15 weeks pregnant and your naval and area around it is sore and painful?

Answer It is possible you have an umbilical hernia. Often caused by pregnancy the stomach wall tears from stress.