What could be the reason for craving for salt ............?

Answer Salt cravings are a common occurrence and are usually not severe. There are many reasons for salt cravings and most are mild and can be treated easily. There are a few reasons that are more serious... Read More »

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Due to the use of salt on roads,1 town chose not to use salt 1 winter n accidents went down. suggest a reason.?

one suggested reason that i had heard, is that drivers, upon hearing that no salt was being used, drove slower and safer.

Why am i craving salt then suddenky crave something sweet?

You might have a mineral deficiency and that's why you crave salty food. The sweets craving doesn't seem all that odd, try and see a nutritionist to find out if your daily diet is providing you wit... Read More »

If a person eats some salt for the heck it, is it ones body needing/craving it ?

Do you just plain salt, like from the grinder? Well, if that's what your talking about I know how you feel!!! I love to eat just a pinch of slat plain for some're not alone.

What was reason for midwives to rub baby with salt?

Many birth practices have existed since ancient times regarding cleansing and rubbing a newborn following birth. Soranus of Ephesus, a first century Greek physician published a text entitled "On Mi... Read More »