My head has sharp shooting, on-and-off pain?

Answer This happens to me all the time. I have severe headaches, and they pulse like that alot. I'm not sure if this will help much, but it is a bit of info anyways.

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You've been experencing morning sickness and sharp pains in your left side and a tingling sharp pain in your stomach frequent urination and fatique you also have been having a brown tissuey discharge?

AnswerSome women do. I didn't crave anything but I did go off coffee, tea (common) chocolate and baked jacket potatoes.AnswerSome women do, some don't. Some women never have any weird cravings, and... Read More »

Why am I having random, sharp leg pains at night?

you are sleeping in a bad position and your legs get cramps,try sleeping normally on your back and it will go away, happened to me too.

Pain just above my belly button, it comes and goes not a sharp pain though?

It is most likely trapped gas. try eating a peppermint to see if it helps..................

How to stop my dreads from thinning in random places?

Heat & chemicals are hair's worst enemies. If you've already got those on your hair, BEFORE the dreads, there's nothing else you can do. Chemicals & heat damaged started, which caused the hair to g... Read More »