What could be improved about Wikipedia?

Answer One of the main problems with Wikipedia is the ability of "drive-by" editors to insert silly or defamatory commentary in articles, especially those about living people whose reputations are thus ha... Read More »

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Can iq be improved?

On One Hand: IQ May Be Genetically Pre-DeterminedAs with other genetic traits, such as hair or eye color, which are passed on biologically, this may also be the case with IQ. A large percentage of ... Read More »

Will the iPhone 4 be improved soon?

yes the new iphone 4 will be inproved with new features such as and new camera with strong pixes. It will also have knew apps better then funface and oovo will be a new app !! I HOPE !!

DIY Improved Gas Mileage?

To get better gas mileage, you do not need to make any mechanical changes to your car. Just making a few subtle changes in your driving habits and relieving your car of excess weight will result in... Read More »

How have dj systems improved?

DJing was once a hobby exclusive to those who could afford the equipment for it. However, today there are countless options for anyone with a computer to try their hand at DJing using all the innov... Read More »