What could be causing tightness, stiffness and pain on the back of my knee?

Answer Thanks Semper:It sounds like you have a Sciatic Nerve problem...It runs down the back of your leg from your buttocks to you heal...I think I would describe it like a rubber band that has been pulle... Read More »

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What could be causing my knee pain?

It is absolutely possible for you to have arthritis. The kind of arthritis that is associated with old age is osteoarthritis but that is one type out of over 100 forms of arthritis. Juvenile Idiopa... Read More »

Could this be what is causing my lower back pain?

Yes all that extra weight could certainly be causing you pain. The pain could also be caused by something completely different. I am small but I have back problems, very slight scoliosis, most doct... Read More »

What is causing my knee pain?

I can understand your situation. I have been living with my joint pain for months and first it was diagnosed as rhumetic fever and then later lupus which effected with arthritis. Trust me there is ... Read More »

Is lower back pain or stiffness common in early pregnancy?

Answer It's not just common, it's practically a requirement! But it'll be worse pretty soon from carrying all that extra weight in front of you.Good luck! Answer Yes, it is quite common. And, unfor... Read More »