What could be causing my chest pain & what should I do?

Answer I had that too, and you know what i found out that i had a stupid illness called GERD. A lot of people mistake it as having heart problems when its really a stomach problem you should look up the ... Read More »

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I asked earlier what my chest pain could be, I have a pain in my arm/neck and I feel sweaty.?

You need to call 9-1-1 NOW! You could be having a heart attack, yes I have seen them as young as you! You may have an infection of the heart or it's mebranes (pericarditis, mycarditis..) Either way... Read More »

What could be causing my knee pain?

It is absolutely possible for you to have arthritis. The kind of arthritis that is associated with old age is osteoarthritis but that is one type out of over 100 forms of arthritis. Juvenile Idiopa... Read More »

Could this be what is causing my lower back pain?

Yes all that extra weight could certainly be causing you pain. The pain could also be caused by something completely different. I am small but I have back problems, very slight scoliosis, most doct... Read More »

What could be causing my tooth pain after getting a filling?

If its only sensitive to COLD drinks, it will go away.If the pain comes on BITING, you need to be re assessed as the filling may be high.Your dentist will be able to tell you if the cavity was deep... Read More »