What could be causing my CPU to spike?

Answer sometimes this can be caused by old or bugged operating system software. try installing all the updates in microsoft update first and ask us again.

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What could be causing my dryer to get so hot?

Perhaps there is unseen lint caught in the exhaust. You could always call SEARS and ask them about it, they might be able to fix it even if you didn't buy from them.

What could be causing this?

Reenie, call the doctor tomorrow and get checked. It could be a dozen things I can think of, and dozens more I can't think of, or it may be nothing. But you need to get it investigated...please.

What could be causing a bloodshot eye?

I recently had a bloodshot in my eye due to the fact that I had the flu.It could happen because of stress, lack of sleep or maybe even allergies.If it doesn't go away, just ask your pharmacist to g... Read More »

What could be causing random restarts on XP SP3?

Its restarting by itself you say??Only one answer to that...IT'S A GHOST!! LMAO…