What could be better than Sex on the Beach?

Answer sex with you on the couchlol... really want try to write that sometimes =)fruit tingle or lychee martini or jackfruit daiquiri!trust me, you have to try them!

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What could your Grandma cook better than anyone else?

I wish I had the answer as my nan was the some loved her cooking miss it loads and there are some things that she used to cook taht I just wouldnt know where to start to cook them. Her best dinner ... Read More »

Budget pc build. could you do better than me?

That's great , but I would like to get windows 7 home premium on, it is cheaper

Could you think of anything better than CherryCheri♥ and some champagne?

Awww shucks!I could think of it, but I can't get Abby into a G-string.

Do you ever see newborn and baby troll questions and think "I could do better than that"?

Help! I'm at work and realized I left my baby at home in his carseat on top of the stove with the burners on!WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO?