What could be a hard lump just below the ear of an infant?

Answer 2-3 inches

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Could a fall as a infant cause a lump on the forehead?

Hiccup is usually normal in newborn babies. ANSWER Hiccuping is VERY common in newborns and is not harmful. Sometimes gently rubbing the neck area from the chin to the sternum (up & down, not side ... Read More »

A Lump on the Back of a 7-Day Old Infant's Head?

Anything unusual in a new baby worries a parent. Those who notice a lump on their baby's head may be frightened that something is wrong with him, but they shouldn't worry. In most cases, that lump ... Read More »

I bit my lip really hard and theres a lump now :/ Help?

Gross...but it is probably a mucocele. i had one not to long ago. actually a few times because i kept trying to pop it. but its there because you damaged your lip and it has to do with your salivar... Read More »

Hard lump in earHELP PLEASE!?

When you perice do it more hygienically. All the more important is after making the hole perice it larger diameter needle. Now that you nay apply Neosprin at the lobe. It will be OK in a weeks time.