What could be a hard lump just below the ear of an infant?

Answer 2-3 inches

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What is a hard lump forming below the main gum-line but below a molar that had caused pain but was not treated and now only tingles and could it be related to your pregnancy?

Answer Some changes to a womans pregnancy can be related to pregnancy but its best to see your doctor or dentist to be certain. Take care.

Could a small hard lump right below your ear next to your jaw bone that doesn't hurt be related to your wisdom tooth coming in?

AnswerIt could be related to your wisdom tooth coming in, but you also have lymph nodes in that area, too. If the lump has been there for several weeks and doesn't seem like a pimple or other minor... Read More »

Could a fall as a infant cause a lump on the forehead?

Hiccup is usually normal in newborn babies. ANSWER Hiccuping is VERY common in newborns and is not harmful. Sometimes gently rubbing the neck area from the chin to the sternum (up & down, not side ... Read More »

I feel a lump just to the right of my left hip. What could it be?

All the symptoms cited by you are quite confusing and irrelevant. No scope for colon cancer nor a tumor.For lump on hip, You may see a general surgeon for a total and permanent cure.