What could b the reason for me to feel restless?

Answer Hi there! First of all, I've NEVER heard of a diet on eggs and potatoes ;D If you want to loose weight, you'll have to vary your food :) And eat lots of vegetables, fruit in stead of cookies and wi... Read More »

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I don't have brother It makes me feel very bad At times I wish I could have brother who could fight with me correct me when I do something wrong and make me feel secure pls help?

Could someone post a transcript of Willow and Tara conversation in the beginning of Restless?

My fingers are curving what could be the reason?

I had a simular problem. One day I went fishing and caught a small hard head salt water catfish. When I went to take the fish off the hook his fin stuck me between my right ring finger and the midd... Read More »

What could be the reason for craving for salt ............?

Salt cravings are a common occurrence and are usually not severe. There are many reasons for salt cravings and most are mild and can be treated easily. There are a few reasons that are more serious... Read More »