What could I have done to change this video, to improve on it?

Answer Dear ELJ, The video is wonderful. Thank you for including me. LOVE the music.The only change I would do is put in members names where the blank faces show. We don't know who they are.(((((ELJ))))... Read More »

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What could I have done to my toe?

You might have developed a hematoma, and deep tissue bruise in your toe.

My Dad died abroad of a burst aorta, I need to know could the Doctors could have done more to save him?

nothing can be done for a burst aorta. this is the biggest artery in the body. If it had happended in his own country with surgeons standing by nothing could of been done to save him.Im so sorry fo... Read More »

Getting my braces done again tomorrow. What colours could i pick this time?

Could computers have souls someday And if so how does this change the way you use them?

Computers can never have souls. They are simply digital logic circuits with no free will of their own, and there is no way to induce free will in them, no matter how many connections they may come ... Read More »