What corporation owns Applebee's?

Answer Since 2008, dineEquity, Incorporated owns Applebee's restaurants, according to the Applebee's website. The owner of Applebee's, dineEquity Incorporated, also owns IHOP restaurants. According to din... Read More »

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What is the name of the corporation in which Oprah Winfrey owns?

Who owns Apple Corporation?

Apple's stockholders are its owners. Apple Inc. has been a publicly traded company since 1980, and it first opened its doors in 1976. Today, Apple is famous for its many consumer electronics produc... Read More »

Who owns Sony Corporation?

As a public company traded on both American and Japanese stock markets, Sony Corporation is owned by its shareholders. Its largest shareholders are numerous trust accounts and banks, including a nu... Read More »

Who owns Honda corporation?

The Honda Motor Corporation is a publicly traded company and doesn't have a single owner. Instead, the corporation is owned by a worldwide collection of shareholders. Honda trades shares on several... Read More »