What cord is needed to watch video from a laptop to a Sony big screen?

Answer The type of cord needed depends on the connectors. If the laptop and the Sony HDTV have HDMI connectors, you need an HDMI cable. USB ports are more common and require USB cables. If the TV and the ... Read More »

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Is there a cord I can buy that would connect my laptop and my old TV (RCA, S-video & coax inputs)?

No, there is no such cord.You need to buy a converter and it is really not worth it.

What kind of cord do I need to connect my digital video camera to my laptop?

If your windows based laptop has a firewire port, you would connect your video camera this way - otherwise, you'd need to add a firewire port via a cardbus adapter such as this:http://www.adaptec.c... Read More »

Can i render a video using sony vegas from my laptop?

I agree with Lance L... and add one more item...Since you know you will be doing video editing and rendering, consider getting/using an external hard disc drive for the video editing project files.... Read More »

How do i watch movies from a laptop on tv using s-video?

On a Macintosh ComputerPlace the DVI to S-video converter into the Mac computer in the VGA port. Most Mac computers require a special DVI converter to allow an S-video cord to be used in the connec... Read More »