What continent is the tundra located in?

Answer The tundra is located on the North American, Asian and European continents. This cold ecosystem is an area circling the North Pole stretching south to coniferous forest biomes. Most of the tundra i... Read More »

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What continent is the Amazon located on?

The Amazon Basin is located in the center of South America. The Amazon Rainforest covers the basin, and the Amazon River and its tributaries flow through the floor of the forest.Source:Amazon Rainf... Read More »

On what continent is the south pole located?

The south pole is the southernmost point on the Earth and is part of Antarctica. Antarctica's landscape consists of ice and permafrost and the continent is about one-and-a-half times the size of th... Read More »

On what continent is the Rhine River located?

The Rhine River runs through Europe. The river begins in the Swiss Alps, runs northwest through Germany, passes through cities such as Bonn and Cologne and crosses the Netherlands before emptying i... Read More »

Which continent is located at the south pole&is the coolest?

The South Pole is located on the continent Antarctica. Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, in addition to being the windiest and highest place on Earth, with an average elevation of over 7,50... Read More »