What continent does the north pole belong to?

Answer The North Pole actually doesn't belong to any continent, because it does not sit on any land. It is a large piece of constantly moving ice in the Arctic Ocean. The Pole was discovered in 1909 by an... Read More »

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What continent is closest to the North Pole?

The North Pole is the northernmost part of the Earth, directly opposite the South Pole, and is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Greenland, which is part of the North American plate, is th... Read More »

Does the true North Pole match the geographic North Pole?

The geographic North Pole and the magnetic North Pole sit in two different locations. The geographic North Pole lies at 90 degrees northern latitude, while the magnetic North Pole, as of July 2010,... Read More »

What continent do Vatican belong?

It returns because the shape of it and if you throw it corretly and it will return

Is the North Geomagnetic Pole a north magnetic pole or a south magnetic pole?

In spite of its name, the North Geomagnetic Pole (or Magnetic North Pole) is technically a south magnetic pole because it attracts the north pole of a bar magnet (or compass) at all points south. T... Read More »