What continent are most diamonds mined in?

Answer Africa has produced most of the world's gem-quality diamonds since 1870. In 2008 nearly 50 million carats were collected from African mines. Botswana, located in the southern tip of Africa, is the ... Read More »

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How are diamonds mined?

Natural diamonds are extracted from the earth in a variety of methods depending on the location of the mine. Because the situation and surroundings of every diamond deposit are different, five prin... Read More »

How are diamonds mined in Africa?

South central African nations' extensive diamond deposits make Africa the world's leading diamond producer. Mining companies use a variety of drilling and dredging techniques to extract diamonds fr... Read More »

Where are blood diamonds mined?

Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, are mined in countries where an illegitimate government has taken over. Money from selling blood diamonds has helped fuel wars in several African co... Read More »

Are there diamonds mined in scotland?

No diamonds are mined in Scotland. According to, they are produced on every continent but Europe and Antarctica. The United States consumes 35 percent of the world's gem-quality diamond... Read More »