What contains reproductive parts of a fruit - bearing plant?

Answer ovary

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How many parts are in the female reproductive system?

The female reproductive system has organs, internal and external structures, and glands working together during a women's lifetime. There are 18 components and associated glands (two vestibular, nu... Read More »

The outer parts of the male reproductive system are the?

Its an infection in your eye that you can get from not sleeping enough or not cleaning your eyes properly after using makeup. If you or someone you know gets it, go to a doctor, their the best way ... Read More »

Why Are My Potatoes Bearing Tomatolike Fruit?

If you find tomatolike fruit on your potatoes, your first thought may be that some kind of cross-pollination has taken place with your tomato plants. However, when you investigate the genetic backg... Read More »

Does wood rune have to be from a fruit-bearing tree?

Runes should be cut from a live, or green, section of a fruit-bearing tree. The act of carving runes is ritualistic and is said to give the runes life; life cannot be instilled in dead wood. Using... Read More »