What constitutes social security fraud?

Answer Social Security fraud takes place in a variety of context, the most common of which is receiving benefits to which you are not entitled due to lying or concealing material facts from the Social Sec... Read More »

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What is social security fraud?

Social Security, created in the United States in 1935, is a lifesaver for those who are severely injured, unemployed, or otherwise financially burdened. However, the availability of money makes the... Read More »

How do i report social security fraud?

Social Security fraud is a serious offense and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) acts on all reports of fraud and other program abuses. If you suspect that someone is defrauding Social Secu... Read More »

Is social security fraud a felony?

Some types of social security fraud can count as felonies. The specific charge depends on the type of fraud committed. For example, using someone else's social security number to wrongfully obtain ... Read More »

Social Security & Disability Fraud?

The Social Security Administration's Office of Inspector General was established in 1995. The Inspector General is responsible for investigating and preventing fraud, waste and abuse within the dif... Read More »