What constitutes insubordination by an employee?

Answer Insubordination is a serious accusation against an employee--one that could put that person out of a job. Knowing exactly what the offense entails may help managers decide whether to make this grie... Read More »

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How to Write up an Employee for Insubordination?

It's a fact of life that everyone has a bad day now and then as a result of frustration, impatience, confusion or feelings of being taken for granted. When those emotions spill over into the workpl... Read More »

What does it mean when an employee is accused of insubordination?

An insubordinate employee is one who fails, and chooses, not to follow orders given by someone of a higher-ranking position. It is a deliberate act of defiance against authority in the work place.R... Read More »

Does leadership style matter in relation to handling employee insubordination?

On One Hand: Try to Be an Autocratic LeaderInsubordination from employees means that your employees are not listening to you when they need to be. The way that you deal with this as a leader can af... Read More »

How should insubordination be handled?

The UCMJ could handle it, but it might be better for everyone if the First Sergeant or Company Gunny simply and quietly took care of the problem.