What constitutes homesteading?

Answer Homesteading has been used to describe different lifestyles for a number of years. Today homesteading is used to describe those people living off the land or living green.Historic HomesteadingPion... Read More »

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Homesteading on the Kootenai?

The Kootenai is a large area in Montana and Idaho and is named for the Native American tribe that has inhabited it for centuries. It is a tough, rather barren landscape. Historically, tenacious s... Read More »

Homesteading in Oregon?

The evolution of the term "homesteading" to embody self-sufficiency and anticonsumerism has reflected a movement away from mere consumption of products toward sustainable living through dependence ... Read More »

What is homesteading in California?

Homesteading laws in California aim to protect homeowners from losing their home to creditors. The homestead law--or homestead exemption--gives protection against involuntary claims against an owne... Read More »

What is homesteading a house?

Homesteading a house means that a residence and its land have protection from the financial debts and liabilities of the owner. Each state enacts its own homesteading laws.ProtectionHomesteading pr... Read More »