What constitutes fraud when contesting a will?

Answer Few fights in life are more contentious than the contesting of a will. Not only must the person who is contesting the will have a legal standing as a potential beneficiary, but he must also be able... Read More »

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What constitutes Medicaid fraud?

Medicaid can be a health and life saver for needy people, but when people use Medicaid who don't need or qualify for it, they diminish it for others. If you want to prove that someone has committed... Read More »

What constitutes social security fraud?

Social Security fraud takes place in a variety of context, the most common of which is receiving benefits to which you are not entitled due to lying or concealing material facts from the Social Sec... Read More »

Florida's Law on Contesting the Beneficiary on a Life Insurance Policy?

When major changes occur in life, such as marriage or divorce, few people remember to change their life insurance beneficiaries. Even when they remember, it's one of those tasks the person intends ... Read More »

Laws on the Procedure for Contesting a Revocable Trust in Illinois?

Revocable living trusts allow you to put money aside while you are still alive and bequeath it to an heir upon your death. Since the trust is revocable, you can change the terms at any time. Once y... Read More »