What constitutes credit card risk?

Answer Credit card risk is the risk of a merchant incurring disputes, also known as "charge backs." These disputes are not related to debits or credits. They refer to customers who are unhappy about charg... Read More »

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Risk of Credit Card Debt?

The average family with revolving credit held about $16,000 in credit card debt during 2009 across 3.5 accounts, according to The typical account had an annual percent rate of 14.3... Read More »

What kind of credit card can i get to build my credit if i have bad credit?

There are a few very good options to rebuild your credit. By obtaining credit that is attainable to those with poor credit and paying on time for an extended period of time, your credit will slowly... Read More »

Does a secured credit card look just like a regular credit card?

A secured credit card differs from a standard credit card in the fact that the borrower must make a deposit to the credit card company to protect the company from the likelihood of default. Merchan... Read More »

Is it standard practice to charge credit card fees when paying by credit card?

While some businesses charge a fee when customers pay by credit card, it is against their merchant agreement with the credit card company, such as Visa or MasterCard. If you encounter a company th... Read More »