What constitutes an illegal eviction?

Answer Before an eviction can take place, a judge must usually determine whether the landlord has legal grounds to force a tenant from her home. While some landlords have good reason for wanting a tenant ... Read More »

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California Illegal Eviction Laws?

Surprisingly, many landlords do not know tenant's rights under the law when it comes to illegal evictions. There are certain procedures a landlord must follow and qualifications that must be met in... Read More »

If a false report was made to the Arizona mobile unit suicide team who assisted in removing you from your family home is it an illegal eviction or a lawful act?

Answer The removal would be a lawful act, as the team was acting on what they believed to be true and accurate information. It wouldn't be eviction in any case; the charge would be kidnapping.

What constitutes an HMO?

HMO stands for health maintenance organization, one variety of health insurance. HMOs differ from other types of insurance plans because they dictate how much doctors and can charge and even which ... Read More »

What constitutes a disability?