What constitutes a hostile work environment in california?

Answer Nobody in California needs to tolerate unwelcome verbal conduct or physical contact in the workplace. California's hostile work environment laws are not state laws, they are federal laws based on T... Read More »

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What constitutes a hostile work environment?

Although employees may consider a wide variety of actions and words from their boss to be of a hostile nature, the legal definition of a "hostile work environment" has some specific components.Who ... Read More »

California Hostile Work Environment Laws?

A hostile work environment is a workplace in California where an employee is subject to harassment. This harassment may be based on race, disability, religion, gender or national origin or it may b... Read More »

What is a hostile work environment?

Many of us complain about an annoying coworker or the overbearing boss, but knowing when annoying behavior crosses the line into harassment is important. While there are no laws specifically addre... Read More »

How to Survive a Hostile Work Environment?

Have you ever left work on Friday, come back Monday and wondered what happened in the interim? And even though you can't find anything in particular, you can feel the mud has been slung... Working ... Read More »