What constitutes a fielding error in baseball?

Answer When you go to a baseball game, you see three specific numbers on the scoreboard: R for runs, H for hits and E for errors. According to Major League Baseball, an error constitutes a play when a fie... Read More »

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Do You Get an RBI on a Fielding Error?

An RBI, or run batted in, is awarded to a player who successfully brings home a runner currently on base with a hit, walk or sacrifice. Occasionally, a batter will earn an RBI on for a play during ... Read More »

Are fielding gloves bigger than normal baseball gloves?

The gloves used for infield positions are usually smaller than gloves used in the outfield. Adult outfield gloves tend to be 12 inches to 13 inches, while gloves used by pitchers and infielders are... Read More »

What city does Noel Fielding live in?

What Detroit Tigers baseball announcer was traded for a baseball player?

Detroit Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell broke into the Major Leagues in a unique way. In 1948, he was traded to the Brooklyn Dodgers from the minor league Atlanta Crackers for catcher Cliff Dapper. ... Read More »