What constitutes a bill of sale in alabama?

Answer The components of a bill of sale can vary from state to state. Alabama offers specific guidance on sales documents for vehicles in its legal statutes (Code of Alabama).PurposeA vehicle cannot be r... Read More »

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How to Create a Bill of Sale for a Horse Sale?

Buying and selling horses can be stressful, but when you're the one selling the horse, you can protect yourself by drafting a contract or a bill of sale. By specifying all of the terms of the sale ... Read More »

Alabama Land Sale Laws?

Many different laws come into play when dealing with the sale of land in Alabama. Because of this, not all the laws on selling land are in the same part of the state code. From adverse possession t... Read More »

Who gets the excess money from a tax sale in the state of alabama?

According to the Code of Alabama governing the sale of land, Section 40-10-28, any excess arising after a tax sale goes to the property owner or her agent or representative. The owner has up to thr... Read More »

What goes in a car bill of sale?

A car bill of sale protects buyers and sellers from potential fraud. A seller loses control over the vehicle once it leaves his yard and relies on the buyer's promise to register the car under the ... Read More »