What is the USS Constellation?

Answer The Bon Homme Richard, CVA-31, was my home for two years, 1966-1968. I was an 18 year old kid in the Navy, and made two West Pac tours to Viet Nam on the old "Bonnie Dick". She was a WWll carrier (... Read More »

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What constellation is Aldebaran in?

Aldebaran is a giant red-orange star, which looks like the eye in the constellation Taurus, the bull. It is a prominent feature of the winter sky in the Northern Hemisphere, according to "The Mont... Read More »

In what constellation is Proxima Centauri?

The closest star to our solar system other than the sun is Proxima Centauri, a dim star that exists within the boundaries of the constellation Centaurus. The constellation and star are visible to t... Read More »

What are the goals of the constellation program?

NASA's Constellation program would have developed a new generation launchvehicle to carry astronauts and large payloads to the moon, and possibly to Mars.The program has been "de-funded" and shut d... Read More »

What constellation is the big dipper a part of?

The Big Dipper is part of the constellation Ursa Major, or "The Big Bear." The Dipper's cup is found in the Bear's side, or flank, and the Big Dipper's handle is in the Bear's tail. The Big Dipper ... Read More »