What connector is necessary to go between a VGA port and a motherboard without a VGA port?

Answer If a motherboard lacks any type of video output, you will need to add a video card to enable it to communicate with a monitor. If it simply has a different output, such as a DisplayPort, DVI or HD... Read More »

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Can you use an IEEE1394 connector in a COMM port?

An IEEE 1394 connector--also known as FireWire and iLink connector--is not compatible with other types of connections, including serial COMM ports. As of 2010, the only available 1394 adapters are ... Read More »

Does lg du 37lz30 have hdmi connector port?

Does Lg 2040T have hdmi connector port?

I just got one for christmas. It claims to but I haven't seen one anywhere. I'm almost 90% sure that you can get a VGA to Digital adapter. It just has HDMI-D and VGA.

Can you use an IEEE 1394 connector in a COMM port?

The IEEE 1394 (FireWire) standard provides for serial communications between computing devices. FireWire cables generally contain both four-pin and six-pin connectors, and are incompatible with th... Read More »