What connection, if any, is there between WikiPedia and WikiLeaks?

Answer None at all. Wikipedia is run by the Wikimedia Foundation, a registered non-profit organization with the goal of spreading knowledge by empowering users to share what they know. Wikileaks is a webs... Read More »

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What does wiki mean, as in wikileaks It's also used in wikipedia, is there something in common there?

"Wiki" is a Hawaiian word, meaning "quick".Nowadays, it is generally used as a noun to mean "any website where members collaborate together to improve the website", especially for collaborative enc... Read More »

Is and WikiLeaks related They both have wiki in them Does Wiki mean something bad?

They are not related. Think of it this way: both New York City and Ho Chi Minh City have the word "city" in their names, but they aren't the same place and they don't share a municipal government.... Read More »

Is there a way to choose two Wikipedia pages and see the shortest connection between the two?

Yes open on page in your browser and then open another browser and pull up the second page.You can then compare the two by switching between them.Done it many times on many sites and have had as ma... Read More »

Is a wired lan connection give you a faster internet connection than a wireless connection?

Hi:)A wired connection will often be a little faster. But really it's more to do with stability, a wired connection is more stable because WiFi can suffer from interference, specially if your rout... Read More »