What type of duties are fufilled when a governor represents the state at a national conference on water pllution?

Answer with the conductor or engineer

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How do I get a state license for radiologic technology in the State of Florida?

Graduates of accredited radiology technology programs may apply for licensure in the State of Florida. According to Florida Statute 468.302, all persons who use ionizing radiation must be certified... Read More »

Can a mother take a child across state lines without father's permission in the State of Florida and the father is no where to be found?

Yes. However, if there is a father around, he can file an injunction for the child to be returned.

How to File a DBA in the State of Florida?

The Florida Division of Corporations allows companies and individuals to register DBAs or fictitious names that can be used as a company name in conducting business in Florida. (Reference 1) A DBA... Read More »

Is Florida a notary state?

Yes. The State of Florida appoints notaries to sign and seal documents executed in Florida. Notaries must attest or affirm that the person signing a certified document is either known to the notar... Read More »