What computer system was used before Microsoft was invented?

Answer CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) was developed by Gary Kildall while working for Intel in 1974. It became the most popular operating system for personal computers by 1977. Microsoft used t... Read More »

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Who invented the computer: Mac, Microsoft or Dell?

None of these companies invented the computer. Konrad Zuse made the first electrical binary programmable computer in Germany between 1936 and 1938. He built it in his parent's living room. He named... Read More »

Who Invented The Computer Mac,Microsoft or dell?

Microsoft don't really made computer, they only made the OS for the computers to run.While Dell do make computerMac made both OS and computer.All three of them do not invent the computer.For the in... Read More »

What company released the first computer to run a Microsoft operating system?

IBM was the first company to release a computer running a Microsoft operating system, MS-DOS. The Microsoft Disk Operating System -- which predated Windows by a year -- shipped on an IBM computer i... Read More »

How to Clean Up a Microsoft Computer System for Faster Performance?

If your Microsoft operating system is running sluggishly, you can easily clean it up to make it run faster. After constant use, it is normal for computer performance to become slower. Windows syste... Read More »