What computer language is this ľ®QÓ bÿÔÛc‰" & vbCrLf?

Answer Well vbCrLf stands for Visual Basic Carriage return. This code can only generate if you are/were using some Exe where the program was written using Visual Basic. And this code is called Interpreter... Read More »

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Need reinstal printer & i lost my cd rom what are other ways 2 do this( in computer dummy language!!!! )?

Go to They have drivers for your printer that you can download. If you post the version of Windows (XP? 98?) and the model of the printer, someone wiill give you a link to the driv... Read More »

YouTube shows up in the wrong language on my computer. Does anyone know how to change the language to English?

on the top right corner of the screen on the you tube homepagethere is a little picture of a flag click on it and you get to choose the language click on the little globe to go to the english you t... Read More »

How to create this pattern in C language (simple C language)?

How Can I Tell What Language My Computer Is Set to?

For most computer users, a computer's default language is set correctly and is not something you need to worry about. In some cases, however, a person may need to verify that his computer's languag... Read More »