What computer language did Microsoft create?

Answer In 1975, Microsoft developed Altair BASIC, the language adapted for use in the Altair hobby computer. Once established as a software company, Microsoft began licensing this language to other comput... Read More »

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How to create this pattern in C language (simple C language)?

YouTube shows up in the wrong language on my computer. Does anyone know how to change the language to English?

on the top right corner of the screen on the you tube homepagethere is a little picture of a flag click on it and you get to choose the language click on the little globe to go to the english you t... Read More »

How do I change the help language in Microsoft Office?

Click the "Start" button on your desktop. Navigate to the "Programs" menu, and then click "Microsoft Office". Select "Microsoft Office Tools" and click "Microsoft Office Language Settings". Click t... Read More »

How do you change the language on microsoft word, mac?

Select the text you want to change the language for and then go to Tools > Language and select the language you want to use for that passage.To set the default spelling language, open a new, blank ... Read More »