What comparisons does candy make between his own conditions and his dogs?

Answer they are both old and good for nothing

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Service Dogs and Medical Conditions?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs are described as "any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disabi... Read More »

Skin Conditions in Boxer Dogs?

Boxers, like many large purebred short-haired dog breeds, are susceptible to a variety of skin disorders, including allergies, mange, dermatitis and some benign tumors. Boxers are especially prone ... Read More »

Medical Conditions of Chihuahua Dogs?

The Chihuahua is a toy breed that originated in Mexico. The Chihuahua can have a long or short coat in a variety of solid or mixed colors. It has been recognized by the American Kennel Club for mor... Read More »

Which of the following terms best describe congential disorders choose 2 a Conditions that are present at birth b Non-infectious diseases c Conditions that can be hereditary or genetic d?