What company makes the Clapper?

Answer The Clapper is manufactured by Joseph Enterprises Inc. It was invented by the founder of the company, Joseph Pedott, in 1985. Pedott is also responsible for the Chia Pet and many other inventions.R... Read More »

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Who invented The Clapper?

The Clapper was originally invented by Joseph Pedott in 1985 and distributed through his company, Joseph Enterprises, Inc. The 2010 version, still distributed by Joseph Enterprises, was invented by... Read More »

What year was the clapper invented?

The Clapper invented in 1985, by Joseph Pedott and his company Joseph Enterprise, Inc distributed The Clapper. The recent version of The Clapper is created by Carlie R. Stevens and Dale E. Reamer a... Read More »

Who is retired General James Clapper?

A former Air Force General officer, Intelligence expert and currently the Director of Natio0nal Intelligence.

When is my wife finally gonna forgive me for misunderstanding her wish to give her a Clapper for Christmas?

I know what you mean; I got a nasty surprise this past Christmas when my wife misheard that commercial as, "strap on, strap off." I'm still sore. :(