What company makes tablets or pills to purify water?

Answer A number of companies make pills and tablets that purify water. These companies include Potable Aqua, Katadyn, Coghlan and Chlor-Floc. These tablets can be used to make water safe for drinking in t... Read More »

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What is difference between pills and tablets?

Do you mean capsules and tablets? They are both pills. A capsule is gelatin coated ends, and can usually be pulled apart. A tablet is whole and solid. It may have a "score" line down it that al... Read More »

I lost the ability to be able to swallow pills/tablets, what do I do?

well that's normal..ok my sister is the same can you are Just scared because everything your body does you are making it do it so you CAN swallow it you are scared....what i do is i put i... Read More »

What company makes Kenmore hot water heaters for Sears?

What Chemicals Are Added to Water to Purify it?

Clean water has to undergo several treatment processes for safe consumption. Even water from a pristine environment can contain viruses, harmful microbes and parasites, many of which we have co-evo... Read More »