What company makes Snickers?

Answer Mars, Incorporated makes Snickers bars, as well as other snacks. Frank C. Mars invented and introduced it to the public in 1930. It's a peanut, nougat and caramel snack covered in milk chocolate.So... Read More »

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Who makes Snickers bars?

Mars Incorporated makes Snickers bars. Other Mars products include Mars bars, M&Ms, Twix and Skittles. Forbes ranks Mars as America's sixth largest private company, with annual revenues of over $27... Read More »

Who makes Snickers candy bars?

Snickers candy bars are made by Mars Inc., which is named after the inventor of the popular sweet snack and not the planet. The Snickers candy bar was designed by Frank C. Mars in Tacoma, Washingto... Read More »

What company makes Insignia TVs?

U.S. electronics retailer Best Buy contracts with different overseas manufacturing companies to make its exclusive Insignia-brand televisions. One of these contractors is Chinese manufacturer Xiame... Read More »

What car company makes nissans?

Nissan cars are made by Nissan Motors. Nissan also owns Infiniti and 15 percent of Renault. As of December 2009, Nissan Motors is publicly owned and its stock can be traded. Its stock symbol is NSA... Read More »