What company makes Aibo the robot dog?

Answer Aibo robotic dogs were made by Sony from 1999 to 2006. Sony stopped production of the Aibo robotic dogs due to economic cutbacks. In the seven years that Aibo was manufactured, Sony sold about 15... Read More »

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Who founded the first robot company&what was it called?

According to the History of Computers, the world's first robotics company was formed in 1956 by George Devol and Joseph F. Engelberger. The company was called Unimation, Inc., with its first robot ... Read More »

How much does a Sony Aibo cost?

PC Magazine states that the Sony Aibo stopped production in 2005 and cost about $2,000 at the time. Though more sophisticated, this electronic pet could not compete with the more competitively pric... Read More »

What episode did Chiro meet the robot monkeys and the super robot?

It tells you in the theme song. Theme song summary:"Chiro is wandering around shuggazoom and finds an abandoned super robot. He then woke up the monkeys. {Sprx77 Gibson Nova Antauri Otto} Chiro is ... Read More »

Other than "exterminate", "I am a robot" & "take me to your leader", what things might a robot notoriously say?

Robots would may say: Confirm, Affirmative, Delete, Terminate, Compatible, Proceed, Analysing content, scanning image, please stay calm updated will be proceeded, Treat Alert, Scanning visual cont... Read More »