What company is iPhone from?

Answer apple for making and at&t for phone service iPhone was designed by Apple, manufactured by many ODM like Foxconn, and sold by AT&T, China Unicom, Apple Stores.

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What company can i connect my iphone 4 from sprint ?

You can have it flashed to Boost or Virgin.

In what company is it safe iPhone 3G 16gb black from USA to SRI LANKA?

Isn't good , the 16GB version is way better .. why ? because the 8GB was a deadline rush release, meaning that it still has errors and on-screen freezing probs .

Which company is cheaper to buy the iPhone 4S from?

Yes it can but I personally do not recommend it, unless it is done properly and not 'jailbroken'.

If i order the iPhone 4 online from the apple website for 199 can i use it in India with a micro sim of airtel or reliance or some other company?

yes you can :) from like Verizon or at and t im pretty sure