What companies make the best scanners?

Answer I use Canon, and the photographs and my drawings always come out without any weird marks or anything, so I'd recommend the Cannon scanner! It also has this cool button where you can just scan the p... Read More »

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What brand makes the best quality scanners?

Hello --Most scanners are about the same quality, the brand name companies all build similar models.I like Hewlett Packard brand the best, some of the all in ones are pretty awesome.Cannon make goo... Read More »

What is the best SDK for Supreme RealScan -D fingerprint scanners?

There is no such device available since it's not up to date yet!Good luck!

What scanners work best with windows 7?

If you are talking about a phot scanner, anyone will do as long as it is compatible with Windows 7. If you are talking about a virus scanner, Kapersky is the best I have tried.

The Best Rated Police Scanners?

Home-based police scanners are popular among off-duty police officers and firefighters, as well as civilians who want to take an interest in what is happening in their community. There are two type... Read More »