What companies have family plans?

Answer Yes. They both use 30-pin docks.

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Why do cell phone companies have overage charges instead of flexible plans?

The phone companies want to make the most profit they can, just like any other business.The best way for them to do that is for you to up your monthly plan. You have $50/mo for 5000 minutes; one m... Read More »

Where can you find insurance companies who have offers for pregnancy 'pre-existing' plans around 2-3k?

%DETAILS% Answer It appears the Federal Law would require them to - "Simlarly Situated Individuals"The group of covered employees, their spouses or dependent children who are covered under a group ... Read More »

What insurance companies offer Maternity plans?

Answer All state assisted programs offer a maternity plan.

Shouldn't we boycott companies that have only one goal..... putting other companies out of business?