What companies give free medicine?

Answer With the high cost of prescription medication, many people wonder which companies give free medicine. A number of companies provide free medication to patients in need, providing patients meet cert... Read More »

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How to Give a Cat Medicine?

Expect a struggle.There is really no easy way to administer medicines to your cat. Cats are quick, and can easily slip away from you, and hide. Try various methods, depending on the size of your ca... Read More »

How often do you give medicine?

If you mean medicine like a teething gel they can usually be rubbed on the gums every 20 - 30mins if nessessary. If you mean a proper pain killer like calpol or neurofen i try to give these as fewe... Read More »

What pain medicine can I give my dog?

Dogs experience physical pain similarly to the way humans do. Pain control in dogs depends on what is causing the pain and the degree to which the dog is experiencing it. Chronic pain from diseases... Read More »

How to Give Toddlers Medicine?

Giving toddlers medicine is not always an easy task, especially not once the toddler realizes how ghastly the taste is! With a little bit of finesse, patience, and sweet talk, you can work your tod... Read More »