What companies give free medicine?

Answer With the high cost of prescription medication, many people wonder which companies give free medicine. A number of companies provide free medication to patients in need, providing patients meet cert... Read More »

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What pain medicine can I give my dog?

Dogs experience physical pain similarly to the way humans do. Pain control in dogs depends on what is causing the pain and the degree to which the dog is experiencing it. Chronic pain from diseases... Read More »

What medicine can I give my dog for pain?

A dog's acute or sudden pain can be the result of surgery or sudden damage to any of the major organs, muscles or bones of the body. Some causes of chronic pain in older pets are hip dysplasia and ... Read More »

What pain medicine can you give a dog?

While some medications generally used for humans are approved for dogs, many can be toxic. Use caution in giving a dog anything that is not intended specifically for its body chemistry.AspirinAspir... Read More »

What medicine should i give my 2 years old son for deworming?

Plain & simple. The med that his doctor suggests.