What companies don't use child labor?

Answer Impossible to list. Millions of US employers lawfully employ children. Millions who employed kids last month don't have kids working this month, but will next month.

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Why do countries and companies use child labor?

Cheap, dependable, easily replaced, few problems, easily intimidated...

Do any American companies use child labor?

Most do so. Most US employers are small family businesses. Out of 20 million US businesses only 500 are in the Fortune 500.Family businesses typically employ the owners' "underage" children and tha... Read More »

Are there any companies that would copy a camcorder disc to dvd for me as i dont have a burner?

Theres a place right around the block from my work. their in san diego, ca. company name is: Perfect Image and Video

Im 14 and your boyfriend wants you to get pregnant so you can have a child im scared to tell him no and you dont think im ready for a child he is 14 too what should you do?

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