What common household thing can I give my dog for anxiety on car trips?

Answer Car anxiety is a common problem for dogs and is often due to noise levels, association with an unpleasant experience or uncertainty. Though prescription medication is available, there are some nonp... Read More »

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What are some common household tips to cure common cold?

well ma mom told me to tell you dat.......drink HALDI WALA DOODH.i mean milk with turmeric.HOT HOT................●๋•gєт ωєℓℓ ѕσση!!!!!!!●๋•

What is the common voltage for a household phone?

According to AT&T, the ringing signal on a household telephone uses approximately 88 volts. The phone itself is powered by approximately 48 volts. When line testing phone connections, a reading of... Read More »

What Are Some Common Household Acids & Bases?

A discussion of acidity and basicity (or alkalinity) is a good topic for a beginning home chemistry lesson. Acids have a characteristic sour taste and smell. In chemical terms, they are described a... Read More »

What is a common household issue that needs an invention?

The kids could use a robot that could clean their rooms and put all their stuff away.A self cleaning toilet would be a welcome addition to any home.If you could invent something that could do half ... Read More »