Whic one comes first Egg or Chicken?

Answer Final and scientifically agreed answer, thanks to some scientists with too much time on their handsExtract from the Guardian:"Whether the panel solved that debate is not clear, but they were unanim... Read More »

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What comes first marines or army?

Definitely marines! The few the proud...

Which came first, the chicken or the chicken egg and why?

the chicken... God created a fully running ecosystem with the whole nine yards... including full grown chickens*edit*I am so tickled that you think creation happened without God. that makes as much... Read More »

Throwing a party for the first time - what if no one comes?

It's a good idea to throw a party. First of all, you must make a list on who and how many guests you are going to invite. Then, you can call as well as text your friends on what you are thinking of... Read More »

What comes first playing taps or the 21 gun salute?

The gun salute (which usually isn't a 21 gun salute). Three volleys will be fired, the firing line will be brought to the position of present arms, then Taps will be played.