What combination of ingredients makes the tastiest homemade hamburger?

Answer Burgers are all about the meat. (My apologies to all of the well meaning vegans out there...)The secret to an awesome burger is a good butcher. You can't make a truly great burger from the superm... Read More »

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What Cut Makes the Best Hamburger?

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What color combination makes red?

No colors mixed together make a red color. Red, along with yellow and blue, is a primary color, which means that other colors come from them. Mixing two primary colors create secondary colors, incl... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Hamburger Helper?

This is a tasty ground beef dish with a flavor very much like salisbury steak. It eats like Hamburger Helper and makes a great entree. It can be made with bacon, mushrooms, or both - regardless, it... Read More »

What makes the combination of peanut butter and jelly so appealing to kids?

texture (smooth), color (bright), and taste (sweet)