What colour tv looks best silver or black?

Answer silver , i think it looks more modern so depends on the surroundings,,, but most new ones are silver now anyways !!.

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What colour looks best with black and white?

Any neon colors (colours). My personal favorite is neon pink or neon green. Really any colors (colours) go good with black and white but my opinion is neon colors (colours). My second recommendatio... Read More »

White OR Black Which iPod Touch 4G colour is best in LOOKS ?

The white one is the best. It looks very good. I would recommend the white iPod touch 4th generation.

What hair colour looks best on me?

You should read "Reinvent Yourself With Color Me Beautiful". You find out what colors to wear by finding out your season (there are 4 of them and each one has a unique set of colors that look best ... Read More »

What colour of polo shirt looks best on a girl?

It depends on what you look like, but I think either the pink of the red, maybe the orange or light blue would look good too.