What colour should i dip dye my hair?

Answer i did mine bright purple with LIVE hair die it looks really good!

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What colour should i die my hair (PICSS INCLUDED) Should i go lighter or darker?

You would look nice with a lighter shade of your natural hair color. Chestnut, maybe?And subtle highlights would be pretty, too. =]

What colour should i dye my hair?

Regardless of what alot of people say dark hair looks great with pale skin. But at the same time, only pale people can go blonde, its an oppurtunity that only people who look like you can take.

What colour should I dye my hair (Photos)?

I think either; dark/chocolate brown, a reddy brown or black. my friend has similar hair colour to you but her skin was paler she went black and it looked so good and much healthier. my other frien... Read More »

Help ! should i dip dye my hair and is so what colour would go ( pic included ) 10 points ?

Honestly (and I don't often find myself saying this), I think your hair colour is brilliant. You have a nice warm skin tone and it compliments it perfectly, along with your brows. I think a gold or... Read More »