What colour lipstick suits blondes best?

Answer I think light, rosy pinks and nudes are best. We blondes have a lot of vibrant color going on, with light hair and blue eyes. Using a bright lip color as well is kind of a lot. If you want the atte... Read More »

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My lipstick,do you think it suits me (pic)?

It's a nice nude, every-day kind of colour on you.

LIPSTICK``What`COLOR` suits`you`BEST`?

Hey Malco!First of all, congratulations, you're top contributor! I don't wear much lipstick anyway I like light red, because my lip is already red so it would look wear if your lips is too much red... Read More »

Do you think this color lipstick suits my skin tone (pic)?

i'm not normally a fan of shimmery lipstick on girls as i think matte colours look better (i used to work in the fashion industry btw, in case you're wondering how i know about lipstick! lol) but i... Read More »

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