What colour is your keyboard?

Answer black

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If you could dye your garden a different colour what colour would it be?

rainbow meow! meow!!yes it would have to be rainbow D that way if you see something it wont be just one colour but lots of colours meow!! meow!!! for example: if you were looking at a tree it would... Read More »

What colour is your car If you don't have one, what colour would you like?

My car is white.…My first car was a bright yellow 1979 Austin Mini 1000.

What colour eye do you find attracted to. what colour are your eyes.?

Eye color isn't particularly important to me.Mine are blue-gray

BEST COMBINATION OF FEATURES, ie eye colour, hair colour and skin colour?

Pale skin to coloured skinfair hair to dark hairblue eyes to black eyesskinny to curvyIts all bloody beautiful.